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Important : Read!

Post  Copain on Thu 4 May - 21:02

1. Create Sensible Topics/Posts
We do not tolerate spamming, racism, improper dialects like l337 speak or SMS talk, cussing, trolling, flaming. Anyone caught posting any form of spamming including posting/creating topics of the same content or idea (flooding) and the rest mentioned will be penalized accordingly and the thread/post will be closed or deleted without prior notice.

2. Avoid Out of Topic Threads/Topics
Out of topic threads/posts in main categories will be deleted. Out of topic threads includes any topics that is not related to Tantra. Limit your out of topic replies to 3 maximum to avoid deviating from the main topic.

A designated section is provided for topics that are not related to Tantra. Topics about other online games are also prohibited in any of the sections.

3. Discussions of Illegal Trades are not allowed.
Illegal trading includes ingame item to real item trading or vice versa, interserver trades, character selling and even scamming.

4. Discussions of Private Servers, Hacks, Bots and Tampering/Modifying the client are prohibited.
Please do not promote any such actions since this destroys not only the game but also the community.

5. Advertisement of Illegal and Pornographic websites/links is not allowed.
Let us be reminded that there are minors that are viewing the forums. Any form of illegal links (illegally downloaded movies, mp3, applications, etc) and Websites or Links with pornographic content will never be tolerated.

6. Flaming, Harassment and Discrimination is not allowed.
Let us act like a community, avoid offending other people on the boards. Avoid posting derrogatory comments and cussing. Members found to be violatiing this rule are subject to muting and a ban.

7. Avoid Accusations or Rumors
This will only do more harm than good to the person(s) involved. If there are any reports about any violation or anything that doesn’t have a valid or concrete proof, it is best to private message the concerned parties first. If this concerns game violations, you could private message the Game Masters instead.

We all have the Freedom of Speech but it doesn’t mean we can abuse it. Let's be more civilized in posting. Remember that whatever your complaints are, Rule #1 and the rest will still apply.

Pls Activate your account in the recived email from us. thanks
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