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After many big trouble with some players of maxed came the decision to kick someone from maxed (Johngwapzyuda21, CuteKrazy, Coochee) with them went some more players (Grayrage, Ljonrey, ELScarFace and many more). Not only those peoples did leave maxed, peoples like Smoke, Angeleyez, Mystysnow, mjstycuty, aphrodite did leave us too because they could not stay against the trouble vs elites ashram, ashram of john and his friends. So did we creat a new maxed team. We did invite many new players, not so strong like the old maxeds but we will give all a chance in this game. elites did get some of the strongest players from the server, so that they are now one of the strongest ashram. we will do our best to be the nr.1 again. we just need time for train.
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