Actually Maxed Guild Rulez

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Actually Maxed Guild Rulez

Post  em on Fri 2 Jun - 3:41

1.Against your own AshramMates
Be always fair to your own mates. You have to play with them, not against them. Dont scam, blame, fake or disturb your mates. We are a guild and we need to help each other.

2.Boss Spawntimes
Spawntimes of bosses are realy important. We only want that you dont give the spawn informations to none maxed players. only M a X e D and n X - M a X e D need to know it. Thats better for all.

Just respect your Maharaja, Raja and Prabaja. They are the high ranked players in your ashram. They are choosen by the maharaja with reason.

4.Boss Loots
Boss loots goes after every bosshunt to em (ELBubu / Russel) He will decide who will get anything. We will give the items to those which was in this bosshunt where this item droped. All will get stuff anywhen, so dont be mad or jealous. It is not easy to share an item if its only 1 drop in a bosshunt and we are 49 Members for now.

5.Maxed Joining
Dont ask em or lucky if can your friends join maxed. Your friends can ask also, so give them a chance. dont be worry if we dont invite them because we cant invite all. We ve for friends and second chars an extension. Try to tell them they shall join there until we have free slots.

6.Asking for items
Dont ask aways for items, Your turn will come so you dont need to ask. The GM will ask you if they think you realy need it. And dont ask for Reservations.

When em will explain you anything about a strategie in any bosshunt, so pls listen to him and dont disturb or flood the chat. Its very important that all cooperate.

Those players which have the Money for crafting datu weapons can tell that to em. So he can decide if he is agree. It can always take some minutes or hours because he has to ask the other GM's too.

Dont sell your Datu weapons to outside of Maxed just sell it for an ashramprice intern. We dont kill raphu to support all on this server. If anyone want datu, so he has to work for it like u do too.

We have an ashramchat, so dont be shy to ask there for anything. Dont pm always em because its realy bothering if he gets so many PM's

10.Last but not least
We are a family. All members of maxed are a part of maxed. Lets enjoy this game and dont mind those which hate us. we are here to give our best. I hope you are agree with the rulez.

See you ingame
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