Unlocking the Fortress Dungeon

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Unlocking the Fortress Dungeon

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Top view of Galati, which are arranged within fortress dungeon map.
Red colors are 1st Galati, blue colors are 2nd Galati and black color is 3rd Galati.

Refer to diagram above as reference.

The Fortress Dungeon Pass will be dropped once a day, same with the Kaustbam.

The Majaraja should possess the fortress dungeon pass in order to break the Kanda which will open the stairs going down to the dungeon.

The stairs going down to the dungeon will remain open for 5 minutes only.

Players need to destroy the 1st 4 Galatis(red), once completed the Mudurana will appear. Players will now need to break the Mudurana, once done, all remaining mobs will disappear and the 4 new Galatis(blue) will appear along with the new mobs.

Once all 2nd Galatis(blue) are broken, a new Mudurana will appear. Once the 2nd Mudurana is broken, all remaining mobs will disappear.

The Central Galati(black) will appear along with the new mobs. Once this Galati is destroyed, all remaining mobs will disappear.

After 30 seconds, the boss Jaffta shall appear.

Regardless of killing Jaffta, the event ends in 1 hour from the initial hit of the Kanda. At the end of the event, all players will be transported to their fortress.

Basic rules of the fortress dungeon

The event has a time limit of 1 hour after the initial hit of the Kanda.

Regardless of killing all mobs within the dungeon, destroying the Galatis will result in moving to the next stage of event. This shall also mean that failure in destroying the Galatis shall cause failure in moving to next stage of the event.

The event begins with the Maharaja hitting the Kanda. The closing of the dungeon gates will be annouced after 59 minutes. The event ends in exactly 1 hour.

After hitting the Kanda, the 2 stairs located at the 2nd floor shall be opened. Players may only move through these passages in 5 minutes. After which, the entrance to the fortress dungeon shall be closed and players will not be able to enter after the 5 minute mark.

If there are 2 owning fortress ashrams that want to descend into the dungeon, the last 1 to break the Kanda can only enter 1 hour and 30 minutes after the 1st fortress owning ashram has entered the dungeon.

During the event, players can be resurrected by the use of Silfrijans and the Samudaba skill of the Vidyas.

No penalties such as loosing pranas will be given to participating players because of the characteristic of the Fortress map when siege warfare is executed.

Players that are not ressurected after the event has begun can no longer enter the dungeon once the 5 minute mark has lapsed.
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