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Post  Markus on Thu 11 May - 20:43

The Amount increased in ATK and DEF by muscle and nerve differs on every class, and the weapon they're usin.

Muscle Fact you get more physical atk from muscle when you have a stronger weapon (higher weapon lvl)
This means you get more atk with muscle Wink (for melee characters)
Nerve Fact the only advantage muscle has against nerve is that it gives off a higher max damage. Def given by nerve seems to be equal to the def given by muscle

Critical hits facts

  • Stun will boost critical percentage.
  • Difference between levels of the attacker and the enemy will highly affect critical percentage.
  • about 350 atk personality is needed to have more or less about 90% critical percentage on most enemies.

  • increases physical ATK and DEF (not sure if it also increases physical atk for bow users)

  • increases physical ATK and DEF for all classes
  • increases Avoid(Flee rate) and Attack Personality(hit rate/crit rate)
  • rumors have been spreadin around that nerve also increases magic damage for deva/garuda (not as much as mental)

  • increases max TP for deva/garuda.

  • increases magic damage for Deva/Garuda

  • increases magic resistance for all classes

  • increases max HP/TP for all character classes except Deva/Garuda

  • increases max HP for Deva/Garuda

~ by jimrod
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Re: Chakras

Post  nujna007 on Fri 15 Dec - 17:44

i still hope they can upload my deleted char that is Man0waR coz that is pure muscle and heart. my AvoiD char now is just an expermentation of how is nerve really works... i can won the duel with two stun and 2 combo, if im stun ill be dead with one combo... anyway so far i still on the top in dueling mode not that im number one but im one of the best XD. PVP is more i like than PVM

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