Raphu Hunting

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Raphu Hunting

Post  em on Fri 5 May - 14:52

Hello Maxed'S

I know all of you want a crystel to Produce his/her weapon. The problem is, we dont have keys. Noone want go to hunt for keys or simbols, so we cant creat one. Without key we cant kill raphu. So is it bad for all.

One more point in this Topic is. If we have a Crystel, so i will reserve it until one of you has the requirements for lvl 74 or 80 weapon. You will get the crystel after killing if you only want a datu lvl 68 weapon, but i dont think that anyone of maxed wants that.

Requirements for Datu weapons:

Level 68 Datu weapon:

Level 74 Datu weapon:
Level 74 Weapon
30m Rupiah

Level 80 Datu weapon:
Level 80 Weapon
Dark Crystal (Gods Tear + Crystal)
40m Rupiah

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