HI ^_^ can i b a prt of ur guild:SentinelJay

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HI ^_^ can i b a prt of ur guild:SentinelJay

Post  sentineljay on Wed 10 May - 18:26

Your level:80
ashram history=i have been a part of conquerors & badtripz ^_^
god history:Vishnu only
char on other server:diyana kengkum=lvl 52 just a noob
your reason to join:1st of all im just a newbie in tantra nd i want to know more so i think maxed is the ryt guild 4 me to know lot of things in tantra
2nd and 3rd char:nothing ^_^
ashrams of 2nd and 3rd char:nothing also i only have 1 char in xtrim
your ashram on other server.nothing also bec. its only lvl 52 who will want me to join a guild w/ a lvl 52 char ^_^
your age:15
your tribe/job:DEVA/ABIKARA
your equipment:dotra nd jalabant parts nd a pair of bangle of wise den all are trash
your item:nothing special


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Re: HI ^_^ can i b a prt of ur guild:SentinelJay

Post  em on Thu 11 May - 15:23

only FS and Yudas required atm. sry

We lost the battle but we will win the war. Dont mind the others, they only hate us coz it is our turn and we are the best.
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